Integrated Suppression System (ISS)


ISS®: Integrated Suppression System

Working with our experienced partner, Akron Brass, our team has developed the tele-robotic firefighting nozzle and control system which together, we have named the Integrated Suppression system (ISS). ISS provides a solution for firefighting and intruder repellant. The ISS tele-robotic nozzle is electronically controlled through C3I's Advanced Communication and Control System (ACCS) fiber optic networked control panel and joy stick. ACCS provides all axes of the tele-robotic nozzle movement as well as the water flow, ranging from a broad fog to a narrow shower or a powerful straight stream. The controls allow the operator to select automated maintenance or escalated defensive measures through the addition of disabling agents into the water flow all from a remote protected control panel. ISS components are low profile and can easily be added to ships, platforms, and yachts with minor refits.