ACCS®: Advanced Communication and Control System

C3I's ACCS® provides a comprehensive, ship and enterprise wide integrated control and monitoring system capability, incorporating the required elements of a mature system: a complete qualified hardware suite, software suite, documentation, training courses, and support infrastructure. Our equipment and software include an ABS compliant network system architecture for control systems on ships, a selection of spectrum controlled backlit touch screen control panels, battery backed up network switches, RS 485 multi-drop communication interface units with patented fault tolerant loss of string prevention technology, electrical motor controllers, equipment switch controllers, position sensors, incandescent and LED lighting drivers, a complete set of software application programs, Graphical User Interfaces and technical documentation.

ACCS® technology is scalable, highly flexible, and platform and mission independent. ACCS® is able to be tailored without programming utilizing embedded configuration management software.

ACCS 12 inch Control Panel:

ACCS® features:

  • Fully Distributed Communication and Control Architecture
  • Fault Tolerant Ring Bus Fiber-Optic Ethernet Communications Backbone
  • Fault Tolerant Multi-Drop Local Area Network With Patented Wrap Around Technology
  • Flexible Address Architecture (Internet Address Structure)
  • ICON Pictorial Graphical User Interface
  • Embedded ICON Based Configuration Management and Maintenance Tool Box
  • Compatibility With All Lighting Technologies
  • “Plug-N-Play” Hardware and Software Design Implementation
  • Minimal cabling (2 power, 2 Ethernet)


ACCS® with the Complete Suite of Software and Hardware can control and/or communicate with:

  • Flight Deck Cameras and Communication
  • Integrated Suppression Systems
  • Mission Control Stations
  • Hangar Doors
  • Kingposts
  • Personal Safety Barriers
  • Multi-Function Displays
  • Horizon Reference Systems
  • ASIST Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Transverse systems
  • RAST Recovery Asist, Secure and Transverse systems
  • Navigation Lights
  • Task Lights
  • General Deck Lights
  • Aircraft Warning Lights
  • Advanced Flight Deck Lighting and Legacy Lights
  • Boat Bay Lights
  • Fuel Quality Monitors
  • NAVSSI Navigation Ship Signal Interface signals
  • Homing Beacons
  • FDSSS Flight Deck Status and Signaling Systems
  • Local Control Switches
  • Deck Status Panels
  • Helicopter Control Stations
  • Bridge Control Stations
  • Distributed Driver Networks
  • Advanced Stabilized Glide Slope Indicators
  • Telerobotic Firefighting Nozzles

ALS®: Advanced Lighting System

C3I's Advanced Lighting System (ALS®) is a shipboard lighting control system specifically designed and developed to provide integrated control of shipboard navigation lights, general lighting and flight deck lighting for helicopter landing systems. It is compatible with all lighting technologies including incandescent, fluorescent, LED, spectrally controlled RGB LED, halogen, and fiber-optic lighting devices.

ALS® system technology is currently supplied to the U.S. Navy for control of navigation lights, personnel safety barriers, flight deck visual landing aides including deck lighting, glide slope indicators, large screen displays, boat launch and recovery lighting, ship's interior lighting, robotic firefighting systems, and fuel quality monitors for aircraft and main engines.

ALS® system technology has been delivered to the USS SEA FIGHTER (FSF-1), the Littoral Combat Ship Classes, the DDG 1000 Class, the DDG 51 FLT IIA Class, the JHSV Class, the Large Deck Amphibious Ship Classes, USNS ships, the U.S. Coast Guard's National Security Cutter, and is scheduled for installation onboard DDG 51 FLT III and the Offshore Patrol Cutter. Additionally, C3I has delivered ALS® system technology to Eglin Air Force Base and other training sites controlling LED lighting for the Joint Strike Fighter.

The following ACCS® and ALS® system technology can be provided by C3I:

Native Hardware

  • 19” LED Backlit NVIS Compatible Touch Screen Control Panels
  • 12” LED Backlit NVIS Compatible Touch Screen Control Panels
  • Network Switches Types 1 and 2
  • Modular Protocol Controllers For Converting Ethernet to RS 485 multi-drop with String Loss Prevention Technology
  • Three Phase 440 VAC motor controllers
  • Variable Transformer Power Control Panels for 15 and 30 Amp outputs
  • Local Control Switches Types 1, 2, and 4
  • LED Flexible Power Modules to drive virtually any LED lamp in modules supplying 12 to 48 individual outputs

Native Software

  • ACCS® and ALS® Application Programs
  • ACCS® and ALS® Configuration Management Tool Box Programs
  • MPC-OPS Programs
  • NS OPS Programs
  • LCS OPS Programs
  • VTPCM OPS Programs
  • LFDM OPS Programs


  • 12” Control Panel Technical Manual
  • 19” Control Panel Technical Manual
  • Network Switch Technical Manual
  • Modular Protocol Controller Technical Manual
  • LCS Technical Manual
  • VTPCM Technical Manual
  • LFDM Technical Manual
  • System Operations Technical Manual