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Hampton, NH 03842

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Welcome to C3I

We specialize in Marine Communications, Controls, and Instruments. We are located in Hampton, New Hampshire, a coastal New England town in a region with a rich shipbuilding tradition.

Our experienced team has worked together solving marine challenges for over 20 years, with an average of 25 years of individual experience (read more...).



ACCS® and ALS® Lighting System

Advanced Lightning System

C3I, Inc. produces Advanced Lighting System (ALS) control systems and equipment that represent a new generation of integrated lighting specifically beneficial in large and/or complex marine applications. Our Advanced Lighting System provides lighting, monitoring, and control of individual lights, lighting groups, and ship-wide lighting systems. (read more...)

Bridge Instruments

Bridge Instruments

C3I, Inc. produces Bridge Instruments that provide indication and control for various ship control functions. Multifunction Graphical Control Panels can be used to display and control Navigation, Propulsion, Lighting, and other ship functions. (read more...)

Sound Powered Telephones

Sound Powered Telephones

C3I's family of interior communications products are designed to provide years of trouble-free service in a marine environment.(read more...)

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C3I Capabilities

C3I and our Corporate Divisions are dedicated to the design, development, manufature and support of Military and Marine Grade communications and control systems, equipment and instruments to the world maritime community.

ACCS® Technologies

C3I's flagship ACCS® technology continues to lead the marine market in versatility and adaptibility of communication and control system hardware and software products.

NVIS Technologies

C3I's family of 12.1" and 19" Night Vision Instrumentation System (NVIS) Gen 4 compatibility tested and proven touch screen control panels continue to lead the market in NVIS control panel technology. Our proprietary spectrum controlled RGB LED LCD screen backlighting technology developed ten years ago continues to uniquely meet the needs of true NVIS compatibility as well as other specialty controlled screen emission modes of operation.

Fault Tolerant Communications

C3I's patented RS 485 multi-drop fault tolerant communication architecture delivers unique protection against multi-drop communication failures, providing confidence and cost savings in high performance data acquisition and control system architectures.

New Products

C3I maintains a vigorous new product development activity. Our new marine product offerings include Integrated Voice and Video Communications Systems, American Bureau of Shippings (ABS) Qualifiable Communication Networks, Shipboard Tele-Robotic Fire Fighthing Controls (In partnership with Akron Brass Corp), Flexible LED Lighting Drivers and Lighting Systems for ships, and Augmented Reality Controls in partnership with Technology System, Inc.